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The lazy bum who never updates her journal...
It has been ages since I posted anything...well I guess real life does that to you. Well, due to useless fighting among students, my varsity is closed for at least three weeks, so I'll have some free time now. <:I I am playing Dragon age right now, so I'll post rantings later.

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So Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles manga is finally over....even though the ending was a bit open,I'm happy.^^ Actually when I read chapter 232 I almost melt with fury, I mean what the fuck?? You cannot kill off the main characters of the series in the second to last chapter after they have already died once and been reincarnated back to life! What's the point of reincarnation then?

But the epilogue in chapter 233 was strangely satisfactory, even though many questions are still left unanswered. There have been hints that the storyline might be followed up by XxxHolic  ,and I'm content with that.The journey still continues, and this seems weirdly similar to the whacky bullshit ending of the second season of the anime, only not with as much assbaggary.

Anyway,my real life has been supremely boring for the last few weeks. Unfortunately both my bro and I were in vacation at the same time,and being the tyrant he is, he kept hogging the PC 99.999% of the whole time. T_T In the mean time I tried drawing some fanart,and discovered some sad truths.

1. I am shit at drawing from memory alone, in that case they don't even resemble the original characters. T_T
2. I am okay at sketching from an image/model, but I faiiiiiiiiiil at coloring with photoshop. :(
3. I don't have a scanner right now, so there is no firggin' way to color my drawings even if I weren't a noob with PS. >_<

Right now I am watching Code geass:Lelouch of the Rebellion . Nice, but I am afraid the ending's gonna mess up real bad......

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It's been a freakin' long time. Life has been so damn busy with all the university stuff, endless assignments and continuous exams...not to mention the lazy-ass-fuck teachers don't help the students at all so we had to overwork all year long.....oh well.

Anyway,finally my term finals are over and I'm back stalking everyone on livejournal( I really don't post much and just visit other people's pages,so I guess that makes me a mass-stalker,no?). I still have one month left before classes start again, and I'm planning to watch at least 20 movies, finish/properly drop my fanfics,attend a wedding,sraw a self portrait and lose 3 pounds before the break ends.

I also wanted to visit a couple of places, but because of the swine flu pandemic I'm pretty scared of going to public places...T_T....screw the government, they keep giving advices like"If you have swine flu, please stay inside your houses like yellow chicken and rest on your ass blah blah" bitches,shouldn't they be telling us what to do so we DON'T GET IT AT ALL??? Stupid asshats.

My interests have changed a bit during the time I've been off livejournal. Somehow I've turned into a huge manga maniac (mainly focusing on smutty romance, but a mix of comedy/action/fantasy/romance is the best).My PC is full of GIGABYTES of manga right now, and I've been thinking about how this happened XD I started with sugary shoujo mangas but soon got sick of the girl-sees-hot-guy/girl-gets-molested-by-hot-guy/guy-turns-out-to-be-a-playboyt/girl-falls-in-love-despite-being-sexually-abused/playboy-turns-good-because-of-the-"nice"-girl-andswears-eternal-love/LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! ~~~~this type of stupid stereotype really pissed me off,so I moved on to josei(which,also,has annoying stuff sometimes,but less). Shounen manga are better in this case,but I'm choosy when comes to shounen.So far my favs are:


3.Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle(LOVE!!!!!!!!)


1.Ouran high school host club
2.Desire Climax(the first shoujo I ever read, so even though it's plot is crappy,I have fond memories of it)
3.Oh!My Goddess
4.100% perfect girl
5.Skip Beat
6.The one
7.Everything by Yoshihara Yuki, she's the best!!!!

BTW, I'm severely allergic to yaoi,shounen-ai,yuri and shoujo-ai. Especially yaoi. No tapping the backdoor for me.

As for games, my graphics card has finally hit the stage of its short-lived useless life where it does not nothing but crawl when I try to play anything that was released after 2007. I nearly cried trying to play the new Wolfenstein when everything started moving so slow that I felt like banging my head against the table till my brains leak out. I couldn't even finish Devil May cry 4 because Dante kept moving in slow motion and got killed by the bosses. GRRRRRRRR.

Random pimping--I was browsing deviantart yesterday and I found some wonderful DMC and Bleach pics at http://jiuge.deviantart.com/ and some great Tsubasa Chronicles pics at http://kaoru-chan.deviantart.com/. So gorgeous!!!!

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I am watching Resident Evil: Degeneration right now. My bro downloaded it from torrentz.com( one of the rare good things he has ever done). It has Leon and Claire in it and totally kicks ass. ^_^ It's a fully animated movie and I feel like I'm watching a really long game cutscene. It's release date was actually in December 17. This must be a bootleg copy.


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HELL YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

The result for the best enginnering college (kinda like the YALE in here) is out, and I stood 44th! (BTW almost 40000 people applied for this college and only 5000 were handpicked to attend the entrance exam, and the first 800 of the ones who passed get to study there) Everyone in the house is dancing right now (literally). XD

*happy squee* I'll make this post short because I'm too hyped up to write. ^^

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I have stomach cramps. BEING A WOMAN SUX. I couldn't study at all day and I'm feeling pretty pissed. >_<

Everyone I know is advising me to be a doctor now that I've got the chance, but I really don't wanna. I hope I can become a computer engineer instead.^^

Current Mood: cranky cranky

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I passed the medical entry exam and probably will soon get admitted to a medical college that is, conveniently, VERY close from where we live. Everyone in our family is very hyped up, specially my dad (since he's a doctor and he works in the hospital next to where I'll be attending). I got tired of being congratulated by 94972746873256874623 people all day long. >_<

Even though I'm pretty relieved (and somewhat smug XD), I'm still studying for the the admission test for the national University of Engineering and Technology, since what I really want to be is a computer engineer.

Self-pimping: BTW, in the medical admission test my rank was 210 out of 32000 people. ^^

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Yippieeeeeeeeee!!!! I somehow managed to get another DVD of DMC 4 and it's running well so far. :D COME GIVE MOMMY A HUG, NERO-CHAN XXDDDDDD


Me and my bro defeated she-viper bitch last nght ( he played and I made the strategies XD). For some weird reason the secret missions make my PC hang when they're completed, though. But I don't give a fuck about secret missions. :P

I've been playing Tomb Raider Anniversary too. Finished the Greece levels just now.


Right now I'm downloading Bleach episode 182. I think it would be crappy just like the last couple of episodes. Let's wait and see.

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Picture spam!!!  (because my dear friend vergils_lover wanted to see more pics):P

I look like a skank in these pics:


A little less skanky in these ones:


P.S.I haven't been able to write anything other than angst these days. Damn. I need to practice writing lemons more. I's an important skill, you know.

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Finally!Last night my stomach was aching so bad and I was thinking that I should just skip the exam at my college today,but my mom brought me back to my senses and I went to college^_^

It wasn't as bad as I thought...I only messed up one question,and after the exam I was practically singing! Holy cow, I was! Kudos for my mom...:)

Anyway,no one is commenting on the fan fic I posted on a community,so I'm a little sad right now.:(

My brother is such a nosy leech!Even when I'm posting this he's strutting around telling how useless it is to stay on internet for long.

Go eat your words,asshole.

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So...it's my exam the day after tomorrow,but I haven't read a single thing because of the horrible stomach ache. Even after it is gone,I cannot put my mind in anything and it ROYALLY SUCKS just sitting in my room doing absolutely NOTHING.Nothing can be worse than this.

Oh,maybe there is something worse than that.My irritating brother keeps sitting on his ass in front of the PC all day and I don't get any chance to be on the net!Okay,I know he has his programming and stuff,but sheesh,I need some chance too!

I wrote a fan fiction on Dante(Devil May Cry) and tried to post it in a community here in Livejournal,but I found out I donno how :(This is SOOO embarrassing!
Today is really a great disaster.Go on,laugh at me.

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My life is quite boring in general, nothing extravagant. But I'm pretty satisfied with it.
Yup, my life sucks,but a girl's gotta be optimistic. Whoee!!!!!

I got a F grade in biology!I hate that fuckin' bitch....who does she think she is?Cutting 20 marks for trivial mistakes?WH***...I was always good at that subject..and I can draw well, yeah!

I am so looking forward to find someone who can talk to be about how gorgeous Dante and Vergil are(people who don't know, they are characters from Devil May Cry,the game's awesome!),cuz all my friends are like...not interested in gaming at all!Can u believe that?

I had perfect hair!*WEEPS*But it has become so dry in this stupid winter season!Shit!

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